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Once I paid Jay Servidio $4300 for this so-called high end adult web site, nothing worked for 2 months. Broken links, no high res photos available, no videos, and basically it was just a front for absolutely nothing. He did minimal work, and I got scammed. It was supposed to be $100 a month for maintenance after 3 months. After 1 month passed, Sara in his office, sent an email demanding another... Read more

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I purchased 2 websites from this company its a total scam do not do business with them the owner jay servidio is a sociopath and he will rip you off and take you for everything you got,You don't even own the website its a complete lie he owns everything and you spend all this money for him to provide you with something you don't even own its complete fraud im surprised this *** isn't in jail... Read more

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Worst company i have ever delt with. He is a fast talker that will steal your money. He will take your money and play you like a fool. I now have a team of entertainment lawyers looking into this for me. I told him not to rip me off and that is what he did. Promised the site would be up and running in 2 days then when i asked about he got a attitude with me like it was his automated response. He... Read more

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A few years ago I gave them $5,000.00 for a Web Site that was designed very poorly and was not in line with what my site suggested. I went into this agreement on the promise that I would get assistance to become successful however, all I got was a few phone calls telling me how to market. Don't waste your money. My web sites name never did get many hits and I never made a dime back even though... Read more

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I looked into the opportunity Jay posted. The guy was very unprofessional. I asked to talk with other people to join and he said he could not release that info. I asked him to take me off his listing. He replied that he would, but didnt and i was consiltantly contact by him and one of his minions. Even after i used some colorful metaphors with him, he has the nerves to keep contacting me. I have... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 owe me $9,000 dollars for an Adult website - a 2 year old could design one better than are crooks so do not be caught out and waste your money with these rip off They have ripped off over 65 people so far so don't be the 66th...*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** co *** *** *** is what they are about.......The creator... Read more

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Jay Servidio and Teletaria are not to be trusted. He has withdrawn money out of my account without my permission after agreeing to set payment terms. He has provided me with an adult website and a casino site (in 2011) that were filled with errors, misspelled words, and broken links. His advertising assistance requires you to pay him 2-3 dollars a link, and are also out-dated. These sites are... Read more

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This company ripped us for about 10K several years ago and I and many others have made it our goal to keep exposing their crooked dishonest ways. I have read all the stories about these individual companies and every story is the same. I hardly doubt we could all have the same story or did not try hard enough as the crook himself proclaims. I advise everyone to contact the FBI and stay on their... Read more

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We dont *** people. We have been helping them since 1994. Your email is rude and based on fiction. Please dont make contact with me again. Jay ServidioTeleteria, Inc.1325 Avenue of the America's27th FloorNew York, N.Y. 10019P 203 966 3700C 203 667 3912F 203 966 3739----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 3:06 PMSubject: RE: Follow Up Naw man im good on your... Read more

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It is impossible to make money on ***,with sites like youporn,youjizz,sextube,redtube,and about 25 other sites that give away *** ,and download it for free ,so what do you think Teleteria a scam or not, I think soooo...I know this first hand as jay and teleteria scammed me out of 10000.oo dollars,Jay is a *** artist thats all,just check it all out before you lose your money too.Are go to your... Read more

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