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As a former employee of Teleteria which also operates under the titles of startapornsite.com , webdesignadult.com , and teleteria.net is a total rip off. Not only is it impossible to make any money with the terrible website designs and content provided but the service is terrible. Jay Servidio pushes these "custom" websites on people, sites that are just leftovers from his former customers who ditched the sites after they realized they couldn't make any money off of them.

Jay makes many promises, most of which he does not keep. He pushes and pushes offering more and more until he gets your money then he is done. Once he has your money you will never hear from him again. He will push you aside to someone else or just blow you off altogether.

Take it from a former employee who dealt with his absolute insanity all the time. He is the typical *** artist snake oil salesmen.

Teleteria is the biggest scam on the internet.

Things to look out for:

Jay Servidio




Don't throw your money away!

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Amstetten, Niederosterreich, Austria #1261978

Hi.Thank you for this information.

I want to start in Austria one online business, and i find your comment from April 12, 2010. End was very helpfull. I want to simplify my live, not to complicate.

Thank you again, and Happy new year 2017.Julian


Jay Servidio now operates as Chris Hall, Owner of 4 Dog Construction...


If its a big scam why didnt anyone report it? On bbb he has an A rating


I consider myself to be a Smart Lady, but it appears that I've been scammed.Teleteria/Jay Servidio built a *** site for me for $3000 at the beginning of August, 2011.

Two weeks later, he was asking for more money again to build a casino site for me. And I like a dummy went along with it by giving a partial payment of $1500 to have the casino site built. The casino site was built and full of errors and glitches. Especially the fact that US citizens can't use the site because their credit card will not be accepted.

When I questioned the developers errors and asked that these things be fixed he suggested that full payment was required immediately. I explained that his invoice showed full payment due in 30 days. After making a down payment of $1500 on a casino site, Jay Servidio pressed me hard and threatened to take down the *** site that was fully paid for and the casino site that was partially paid for. I have subsequently paid the remaining balance.

If the errors aren't fixed I have a surprise for Jay Servidio.I will keep you posted.


Now the same site I had up in 2005 - 2006 is back up and running with the same name I came up with, so No you will never own the site. He is nothing but a crook!!!


watch out Teleteria is a big scam,I got a site done from him a year ago,in Nov my site was down,3months ago Jay took my site away from me & my copyright logo off & kept the name,he is now running my site with the name I came up with I also got a email from him saying that it is his now,also got cocky with me on the email,when you buy the site you don't own it, he does you pay him to keep his site up running


It is the typical newbie mistake to think that you can throw some money around and sit back and watch the dough flood in.People like Jay and his Teleteria know that and sit and wait for the next victim to come along and continue stuffing their pockets from that stupidity.

They blatantly rip people off through their ignorance and lack of knowledge but do it in such a way they manage to stay within legal boundaries.

Teleteria has been going since the 90's and has a stack load of complaints against it on various forums.

Jay must be doing well out of it financially that's for sure at least.:grin


I've "purchased" a site from Teleteria. I've since discovered I don't own it since Jay Servidio refuses to transfer the domain name to me, and I'm forced to use Teleteria to host the site. I have absolutely no control over the site, except for marketing.

I've driven a tremendous amount of traffic to this site, yet I haven't sold any memberships. The site is hideous, and the content is just as bad. Plus that content is the exact same content that's on every other site sold by Teleteria.

Many of Jay's statements have been shown to be false. He says his company has an "A" rating with the BBB. This is an outright falsehood. He says he's a member in good standing with the NYC Chamber of Commerce. I can't find his membership in any of the CoC's in NY. Do your homework!

Please, don't buy a site from this company! I've lost too much money and wasted too much time just to fatten Jay's coffers.



Do not throw your money away on this company, in all of the time I worked there I never found one person making money on these websites. In speaking with former employees it is safe to say that that has been true for a long long time.

Remember, there are plenty of free adult websites out there, you name it redtube, youporn, the list goes on and on...Do your research online, I think you will find that you are better of going with another company.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #145981

I am interested in making money off of these sites you offer but, If what you are saying is true, and people make hundreds or even thousands monthly , I would find that more people would be doing this.? Right. Or are you another snake oil slaes man.?

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