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We were also scammed by this company, Jay Servidio and Carol Servidio. They made promises and never kept one. They never delivered the product once we complained about the bargain basement content that is virtually worthless.

This scummy dirt bag and his side kick crook of a wife owe us close to 9000.00.

If you are thing of using these crooks, think again. Servidio's are real slick and are *** artists.

I would suggest you file complaints with the IFCC. There have been over 60 cases to date where the servidios stole, ripped off, never provided the product.

You are correct! The sites are cookie cutter, very poorly designed and all they do is change the site up a bit and rip a new unsuspecting customer off for their hard earned money.

We bought adult pay sites, once we had a inclination that they had ripped us we went to the adult chat boards which they all proved the sites are trash and worthless. We also went to the FBI and spoke to them; we filed complaints with the IFCC. Hopefully one day we will all have the joy of seeing these worthless individuals go to jail.

If you search teleteria complaints, you will find the adult forums I speak of and will get a real eye-opener to the fraud that this company and his side kick commit.

Also, his office in NY is nothing more than a mail drop center ;)

Guess who this is Jay? I told you we will be your shadow for life, get use to us outing you all the time, you crook/*** artist!

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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Warrensburg, New York, United States #714863

Jay Servidio now operates as Chris Hall, Owner of 4 Dog Construction...


I consider myself to be a Smart Lady, but it appears that I've been scammed. Teleteria/Jay Servidio built a *** site for me for $3000 at the beginning of August, 2011.

Two weeks later, he was asking for more money again to build a casino site for me. And I like a dummy went along with it by giving a partial payment of $1500 to have the casino site built. The casino site was built and full of errors and glitches. Especially the fact that US citizens can't use the site because their credit card will not be accepted.

When I questioned the developers errors and asked that these things be fixed he suggested that full payment was required immediately. I explained that his invoice showed full payment due in 30 days. After making a down payment of $1500 on a casino site, Jay Servidio pressed me hard and threatened to take down the *** site that was fully paid for and the casino site that was partially paid for. I have subsequently paid the remaining balance.

If the errors aren't fixed I have a surprise for Jay Servidio. I will keep you posted.


I was ripped off, too. Teleteria will not give me my website, e.g., Jay refuses to transfer the domain name to me and hasn't yet given me the site file on cd.

The client is forced to use Teleteria to host the site and must pay $100 per month. Jay accuses all his clients who complain of not "working" the site. This is ridiculous. I've worked my a** off, for nothing.

I had excellent traffic, which Jay explains away, and no buyers.

If you DO go into business with this company, please register your own domain name and insist on getting the site file on cd before making the final payment. You're buying a site, and you should control as much of it as possible.

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