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It is impossible to make money on ***,with sites like youporn,youjizz,sextube,redtube,and about 25 other sites that give away *** ,and download it for free ,so what do you think Teleteria a scam or not, I think soooo...I know this first hand as jay and teleteria scammed me out of 10000.oo dollars,Jay is a *** artist thats all,just check it all out before you lose your money too.Are go to your bathroom and flush it down the toilet you'll make the same money.P.S all teleteria sites are all the same just different names...Do your homework...

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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:( Teleteria scammed me, too, but had I done a complete research and not disregarded all the bad reviews, I would have saved my money. Teleteria offers template sites, meaning there's nothing unique about any one.

The sites ALWAYS belong to Teleteria. The "buyer" does not get the domain name or the site file. Once you've quit Teleteria, you lose the site. Please, do not go into business with Teleteria.

If you really want to own your own website, hire a professional designer to design YOUR OWN site, then upload it on one of the many hosts available. Take control of your site; don't let someone else control it for you.

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